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Utilities for working with Tokio.

This crate is not versioned in lockstep with the core tokio crate. However, tokio-util will respect Rust’s semantic versioning policy, especially with regard to breaking changes.



  • codeccodec
    Adaptors from AsyncRead/AsyncWrite to Stream/Sink
  • compatcompat
    Compatibility between the tokio::io and futures-io versions of the AsyncRead and AsyncWrite traits.
  • Tokio context aware futures utilities.
  • Module defining an Either type.
  • ioio
    Helpers for IO related tasks.
  • netnet and codec
    TCP/UDP/Unix helpers for tokio.
  • Synchronization primitives
  • Extra utilities for spawning tasks
  • timetime
    Additional utilities for tracking time.
  • udpnet and codec
    UDP framing