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Async WebSocket usage.

This library is an implementation of WebSocket handshakes and streams. It is based on the crate which implements all required WebSocket protocol logic. So this crate basically just brings tokio support / tokio integration to it.

Each WebSocket stream implements the required Stream and Sink traits, so the socket is just a stream of messages coming in and going out.

This crate primarily exports this ability through two extension traits, ClientHandshakeExt and ServerHandshakeExt. These traits augment the functionality provided by the tungestenite crate, on which this crate is built. Configuration is done through tungestenite crate as well.



Future returned from accept_async() which will resolve once the connection handshake has finished.


Future returned from client_async() which will resolve once the connection handshake has finished.


A WebSocket request


A wrapper around an underlying raw stream which implements the WebSocket protocol.



Accepts a new WebSocket connection with the provided stream.


Creates a WebSocket handshake from a request and a stream. For convenience, the user may call this with a url string, a URL, or a Request. Calling with Request allows the user to add a WebSocket protocol or other custom headers.