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tokio-timeit-middleware provides a middleware Tokio Service called Timeit to time how long it takes to reply to a Service::Request with a Service::Response.

The recorded timings are sent to a TimeSink which may be any smart pointer type that Derefs to a function that takes a time::Duration and is Clone.


// Send recorded timings to metrics or logging or whatever...
let time_sink = Rc::new(|timing: time::Duration| {
    println!("Replied to a request with a response in {}", timing);

// Wrap a service in `Timeit`!
let my_timed_service = tokio_timeit_middleware::Timeit::new(my_tokio_service, time_sink);



A middleware that times how long it takes the downstream service S to respond to a request with a response. The recorded time::Durations are passed to the TimeSink.