[][src]Crate tokio_tcp

TCP bindings for tokio.

Note: This crate is deprecated in tokio 0.2.x and has been moved into tokio::tcp behind the tcp feature flag.

This module contains the TCP networking types, similar to the standard library, which can be used to implement networking protocols.

Connecting to an address, via TCP, can be done using TcpStream's connect method, which returns ConnectFuture. ConnectFuture implements a future which returns a TcpStream.

To listen on an address TcpListener can be used. TcpListener's incoming method can be used to accept new connections. It return the Incoming struct, which implements a stream which returns TcpStreams.



Future returned by TcpStream::connect which will resolve to a TcpStream when the stream is connected.


Stream returned by the TcpListener::incoming function representing the stream of sockets received from a listener.


An I/O object representing a TCP socket listening for incoming connections.


An I/O object representing a TCP stream connected to a remote endpoint.