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Bindings for serial port I/O and futures

This crate provides bindings between mio_serial, a mio crate for serial port I/O, and futures. The API is very similar to the bindings in mio_serial


An error type for serial port operations
A struct containing all serial port settings
A device-independent implementation of serial port information
Async serial port I/O
Contains all possible USB information about a SerialPort


Specifies which buffer or buffers to purge when calling clear
Number of bits per character
Categories of errors that can occur when interacting with serial ports
Flow control modes
Parity checking modes
The physical type of a SerialPort
Number of stop bits


A trait for serial port devices
An extension trait for serialport::SerialPortBuilder


Returns a list of all serial ports on system
Construct a builder of SerialPort objects

Type Definitions

A type for results generated by interacting with serial ports.