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Stream and Sink adaptors for serializing and deserializing values using JSON.

This crate provides adaptors for going from a stream or sink of buffers (Bytes) to a stream or sink of values by performing JSON encoding or decoding. It is expected that each yielded buffer contains a single serialized JSON value. The specific strategy by which this is done is left up to the user. One option is to use using length_delimited from tokio-io.


This example is not tested
use futures::{Future, Sink};

use tokio_core::reactor::Core;
use tokio_core::net::TcpStream;

// Use length delimited frames
use tokio_io::codec::length_delimited;
use tokio_serde_json::WriteJson;

// Bind a server socket
let socket = TcpStream::connect(

socket.and_then(|socket| {
    // Delimit frames using a length header
    let length_delimited = length_delimited::FramedWrite::new(socket);

    // Serialize frames with JSON
    let serialized = WriteJson::new(length_delimited);

    // Send the value
      "name": "John Doe",
      "age": 43,
      "phones": [
        "+44 1234567",
        "+44 2345678"

For a full working server and client example, see the examples directory.



Adapts a stream of JSON encoded buffers to a stream of values by deserializing them.


Adapts a buffer sink to a value sink by serializing the values as JSON.