[][src]Crate tokio_serde_cbor

This crate integrates CBOR into Tokio.

This crate provides a codec for framing information as CBOR encoded messages. It allows encoding and decoding arbitrary serde ready types. It can be used by plugging the codec into the connection's framed method to get stream and sink of the desired items.

The encoded and decoded items are independent (you may want to encode references and decode owned data, or the protocol might be asymetric). If you want just one direction, you can use Decoder or Encoder. If you want both, you better use Codec.

Note that this is useful if the CBOR itself defines the frames. If the messages are delimited in some other way (eg. length-prefix encoding) and CBOR is only the payload, you'd use a codec for the other framing and use .map on the received stream and sink to convert the messages.



Cbor serializer and deserializer.


CBOR based decoder.


CBOR based encoder.



Errors returned by encoding and decoding.


Describes the behaviour of self-describe tags.