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Async TLS streams backed by BoringSSL

This library is an implementation of TLS streams using BoringSSL for negotiating the connection. Each TLS stream implements the Read and Write traits to interact and interoperate with the rest of the futures I/O ecosystem. Client connections initiated from this crate verify hostnames automatically and by default.

tokio-boring exports this ability through accept and connect. accept should be used by servers, and connect by clients. These augment the functionality provided by the boring crate, on which this crate is built. Configuration of TLS parameters is still primarily done through the boring crate.


The error type returned after a failed handshake.
A wrapper around an underlying raw stream which implements the SSL protocol.


Asynchronously performs a server-side TLS handshake over the provided stream.
Asynchronously performs a client-side TLS handshake over the provided stream.