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A programming language designed for ad-hoc parsing.

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pub use reader::Reader;
pub use value::Dict;
pub use value::List;
pub use value::Str;
pub use value::Value;
pub use vm::Accept;
pub use vm::Reject;


Tokay built-in functions

Tokay compiler, parsing a program source into a VM program

Implementation of an error object that can occur during Tokay’s program compilation or execution

Universal low-level interface to let Tokay read input from different sources.

Tokay repeat-eval-print-loop

Tokay value and object representation

Tokay virtual machine


Macro to define a Tokay program embedded in Rust code without using the Tokay parser. In fact, this macro is used to bootstrap the Tokay parser as a Tokay program itself.

Value construction macro


Tokay compiler instance

Contexts represent stack frames for parselet calls.

Programs are containers holding statics and a pointer to the main parselet.


Captures are stack items where the VM operates on.


Describes an interface to a callable object.


Compiles a Tokay source and runs the resulting program with an input stream from a &str.