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Generic GPIO driver for TM1637. With this driver you can control for example the 4-digit 7-segment display from AZ-Delivery. This is not dependent on a specific GPIO library. This library was tested on a Raspberry Pi with its GPIO interface. Feel free to contribute. :)



Utility functions on top of the TM1637 driver to display content on the 4-digit 7-segment display by AZDelivery. You can use them but you don’t have to. They show how the driver works/could be used.


Provides ready to use setup functions for concrete GPIO libraries/drivers. You may use them but it is not required. You can learn from the code and write setup functions by yourself!


Provides mappings from symbols to their bit representation on a 7-segment display.



Adapter between your code and the TM1637 via GPIO interface. You can use the GPIO interface/library that you want. Just provide the corresponding “glue” functions so that this adapter can access GPIO.



The level of brightness. The TM1637 “DisplayControl”-command transports the brightness information in bits 0 to 2.


Whether the display is on or off. The TM1637 “DisplayControl”-command transports the display on/off information in the third bit (2^3) of the command.


The value of a GPIO pin.


The “ISA”/Commands of the TM1637. See data sheet for more information. This is only a subset of the possible values.



According to the data sheet the TM1637 can address 6 display registers. Note that not all devices using it do as well. For example the 4-digit 7-segment display from AzDelivery only uses 4.