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Trend Micro Locality Sensitive Hashing

This is a Rust port of TLSH algorithm. The crate can compute a hash value of a input byte array and measure the difference between two hash values.

The current implementation of TLSH has two conditions on the file size:

  • the input must be at least 50 bytes long
  • the size must not exceed 4Gb.


The algorithm to construct a TLSH digest is as follows (for more detail, see J. Oliver et al.):

  • Step 1: processes an input stream by using a sliding window of length 5 and populates the hash buckets. Each triplet is passed through a hash function (in this implementation, the hash function is the Pearson hashing).
  • Step 2: calculates the quartile points from the hash bucket obtained in step 1. This step might requires the sorting of the bucket array: q1: the lowest 25% of the array q2: the lowest 50% of the array q3: the lowest 75% of the array
  • Step 3: computes the digest header. The first three bytes of a hash is reserved for the header. The header of a TLSH hash consists of three parts:
  • The first byte is a checksum (with some modulo) of the byte string
  • The second byte is computed from the logarithm of the byte string’s length (with some modulo)
  • The third byte is the result of q1_ratio <<< 4 | q2_ratio, where
    q1_ratio = (q1 * 100 / q3) MOD 16
    q2_ratio = (q2 * 100 / q3) MOD 16
  • Step 4: constructs the digest body from the bucket array. Note: in this step, the reversing order in reading the bucket is assumed. This means, the last element is read first while the first is read last. Their value is converted into hex form and appended into the final hash value.


To compute a hash value of a string, we will create an instance of TlshBuilder. After all input data are pushed into the builder, we can construct an instance of Tlsh:

use tlsh::{Tlsh, Version, BucketKind, ChecksumKind, TlshBuilder};

let s1 = "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit...";
let mut builder = TlshBuilder::new(
let tlsh1 =;

let s2 = "Morbi rhoncus ex mi, et iaculis erat euismod fermentum tincidunt";
let mut builder = TlshBuilder::new(
let tlsh2 =;

// Calculate diff between s1 & s2, including length difference.
let _ = tlsh1.diff(&tlsh2, true);
// Calculate diff between s1 & s2, excluding length difference.
let _ = tlsh1.diff(&tlsh2, false);



A struct containing all required information from an input stream to generate a hash value.


A builder struct for processing input stream(s).



An enum determining the number of buckets for hashing.


An enum determining the length of checksum.


An enum for possible errors that might occur while calculating hash values.


An enum representing the version of TLSH.