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Async TLS listener

This library is intended to automatically initiate a TLS connection for each new connection in a source of new streams (such as a listening TCP or unix domain socket).


  • rustls: Support the tokio-rustls backend for tls (default)
  • native-tls: support the tokio-native-tls backend for tls
  • hyper-h1: hyper support with http/1
  • hyper-h2: hyper support with http/2
  • tokio-net: Implementations for tokio socket types (default)
  • rt: Features that depend on the tokio runtime, such as SpawningHandshakes


This module contains feature specific to integrating with the hyper library.


Builder for TlsListener.

Convert an AsyncTls into one that will spawn a new task for each new connection.

Wraps a Stream of connections (such as a TCP listener) so that each connection is itself encrypted using TLS.


Wraps errors from either the listener or the TLS Acceptor


Default timeout for the TLS handshake.

Default number of concurrent handshakes


Asynchronously accept connections.

Trait for TLS implementation.


Create a new Builder for a TlsListener