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Utilities to drive a tantivy search index


Here's a brief overview of the functionality we provide. Check the module docs for more details and examples.


Collectors with built-in support for changing the ordering and cursor-based pagination (or rather: support for conditionally skipping documents that match the query).

use tique::conditional_collector::{Ascending, TopCollector};

let min_rank_collector =
    TopCollector::<f64, Ascending, _>::new(10, true).top_fast_field(f64_field);


Uses your index to find keywords and similar items to your documents or any arbitrary input.

 let topterms = TopTerms::new(&index, vec![body, title])?;
 let keywords = topterms.extract(5, "the quick fox jumps over the lazy dog");

 let similarity_query = keywords.into_boosted_query(1.0);


A query parser with a simple grammar geared towards usage by end-users, with no knowledge about IR, your index nor boolean logic.

Supports multiple fields, boosts, required (+) and restricted (-) items and can generate queries using DisMaxQuery for better results when you have fields with very similar vocabularies.

NOTE: Requires the queryparser compilation feature.

let parser = tique::QueryParser::new(&index, vec![name, ingredients])?;

if let Some(query) = parser.parse(r#"+bacon cheese -ingredients:olive "deep fry""#) {
    // Do your thing with the query...



Top-K Collectors, with ordering and condition support.


Extract keywords and search for similar documents based on the contents of your index.



A Maximum Disjunction query, as popularized by Lucene/Solr


Parse queries from arbitrary end-user input