[][src]Struct tiny_gcs::objects::ObjectMetadata

pub struct ObjectMetadata<'a> {
    pub kind: Option<&'a str>,
    pub id: Option<&'a str>,
    pub self_link: Option<&'a str>,
    pub name: Option<&'a str>,
    pub bucket: Option<&'a str>,
    pub generation: Option<i64>,
    pub metageneration: Option<i64>,
    pub content_type: Option<&'a str>,
    pub time_created: Option<DateTime<Utc>>,
    pub updated: Option<DateTime<Utc>>,
    pub storage_class: Option<&'a str>,
    pub time_storage_class_updated: Option<DateTime<Utc>>,
    pub size: Option<u64>,
    pub md5_hash: Option<&'a str>,
    pub media_link: Option<&'a str>,
    pub content_language: Option<&'a str>,
    pub crc32c: Option<&'a str>,
    pub etag: Option<&'a str>,
    pub metadata: Option<BTreeMap<&'a str, &'a str>>,

Metadata associated with an Object, see https://cloud.google.com/storage/docs/json_api/v1/objects#resource.


kind: Option<&'a str>id: Option<&'a str>self_link: Option<&'a str>name: Option<&'a str>bucket: Option<&'a str>generation: Option<i64>metageneration: Option<i64>content_type: Option<&'a str>time_created: Option<DateTime<Utc>>updated: Option<DateTime<Utc>>storage_class: Option<&'a str>time_storage_class_updated: Option<DateTime<Utc>>size: Option<u64>md5_hash: Option<&'a str>media_link: Option<&'a str>content_language: Option<&'a str>crc32c: Option<&'a str>etag: Option<&'a str>metadata: Option<BTreeMap<&'a str, &'a str>>

Trait Implementations

impl<'de: 'a, 'a> Deserialize<'de> for ObjectMetadata<'a>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a> Send for ObjectMetadata<'a>

impl<'a> Sync for ObjectMetadata<'a>

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