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a Template Instantiation Machine (TIM) interpreter written in Rust.

TIM is a particular kind of machine used to implement a lazily evaluated functional programming language.

This implementation comes with a parser for the language called as Core, along with an interpreter for Core. This is based on Implementing Functional Languages, a tutorial

Example - Creating Machine instance from a string

use timi::machine;
use timi::frontend;

let program_str = "main = 1 + 1";
let parsed_program = frontend::string_to_program(program_str).unwrap();

let mut m = machine::Machine::new_from_program(parsed_program).unwrap();

while !m.is_final_state().unwrap() {

//check that the top node on the stack is 1 + 1 == 2
assert_eq!(machine::HeapNode::Num(2), m.heap.get(&m.stack.peek().unwrap()));



Frontend of the interpreter. Tokenization & Parsing is handled here.


Internal Representation (IR) of the machine. Contains the data representation used by the machine.


The machine state is formed out of 4 components: (Stack, Heap, Dump, Globals)


Pretty printing mainly focuses on generating clean and readable output for errors, machine state, etc.