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Tile Sorcerer

Tools for modeling and querying vector tile sources.

Current status

This crate should be regarded as stable in terms of code reliability/correctness, but not yet stable in terms of trait and method signatures. While there are a number of known limitations, this code is being deployed at scale already. We are releasing this code in Rust tradition as 0.x until we feel the interface and feature set have stabilized, but welcome usage and contributions from the Rust GIS community.

Current features

Given a PostGIS database and a TileMill source (such as OpenMapTiles data), this crate will help you leverage PostGIS to render Mapbox Vector Tiles.

Known Limitations

The current focus is on high-performance rendering from a single PostGIS database. Other formats are not presently supported, but can be added in the future. As such, the database connection info present in layers is presently ignored, and it is up to the calling application to set up a connection pool pointed at the right database. Projection info is also currently ignored, and your database is assumed to be in EPSG:3857 web mercator already.

The trait-based design allows for further extensibility, so additional operations, tile source formats, etc. will likely be added in the future.


  • Data models and trait implementations for TileMill 2 yaml sources.


  • This is the main trait exported by this crate. It is presently rather barebones, but is open for future expansion if other formats become relevant.