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A 3D renderer which enables out-of-the-box build to both desktop and web with the same code. See the README for more information and the examples for how to use it.



  • Low-level graphics abstraction layer which maps one-to-one with the OpenGL graphics API on native and WebGL2 graphics API on web. This is just a re-export of the glow crate. Use this if you want to have complete control of a feature but be aware that there are no safety checks.
  • Mid-level modular abstractions of common graphics concepts such as buffer, texture, program, render target and so on. Can be combined with low-level calls in the context module as well as high-level functionality in the renderer module.
  • High-level features for easy rendering of different types of objects with different types of shading. Can be combined seamlessly with the mid-level features in the core module as well as functionality in the context module.
  • Window, event handling and context creation for easy setup.


  • GUIegui-gui
    Integration of egui, an immediate mode GUI.