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ThreadIsolated is an experimental library for allowing non-Send, non-Sync types to be shared among multiple threads by requiring that they only be accessed on the thread that created and owns them. Other threads can indirectly access the isolated data by supplying a closure that will be run on the owning thread.

The value of ThreadIsolated in a pure Rust application is probably pretty limited (maybe even completely useless). The original motivation for the type is to use Rust on iOS, where it is common to have instances that are only safe to be accessed on the iOS main thread. Using ThreadIsolated gives Rust a way to have types that are only accessed on the iOS main thread but can still be used (albeit indirectly) from threads created in Rust.

In debug builds, ThreadIsolated will use thread-local storage and perform runtime checks that all thread access obeys the expected rules. In release builds these checks are not performed.

For an example of ThreadIsolated in pure Rust code, see the test_normal_use function in the test module of src/



Wraps a borrowed reference to a value in a RefCell box. A wrapper type for an immutably borrowed value from a RefCell<T>.


A wrapper type for a mutably borrowed value from a RefCell<T>.


A reference-counted RefCell<T> exposed in two different ways, depending on the ThreadKind phantom type.


A weak reference to a ThreadIsolated value.



Phantom type indicating a ThreadIsolated on a thread other than its owning thread.


Phantom type indicating a ThreadIsolated on its owning thread.



A type that can run a given boxed closure on a particular thread.