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The reference implementation of the thespis actor model

This crate implements the traits from the thespis crate. It provides what you need to use actors.

Please check out the guide level documentation.

Table of Contents


With cargo add: cargo add thespis_impl

With cargo yaml:


  thespis_impl: ^0.2

In Cargo.toml:


  thespis_impl = "0.2"


Please check out the changelog when upgrading.


This crate has few dependencies. Cargo will automatically handle it’s dependencies for you.


It is recommended to always use cargo-crev to verify the trustworthiness of each of your dependencies, including this one.

This crate has #![forbid(unsafe_code)], but our dependencies do use unsafe.


Please check out the guide level documentation and the examples in the repository.


API documentation can be found on docs.rs.


Please check out the contribution guidelines.


cargo test --all-features.

Code of conduct

Any of the behaviors described in point 4 “Unacceptable Behavior” of the Citizens Code of Conduct are not welcome here and might get you banned. If anyone, including maintainers and moderators of the project, fail to respect these/your limits, you are entitled to call them out.




Builder for Addr and Mailbox. This is a convenience API so you don’t have to call their constructors manually. Mainly lets you set the channel and name for your mailbox.

Information about an actor, id, name and type_name. It implements Identify. Can also generate a span for tracing.

Reference implementation of thespis::Address<M>. It can be used to send all message types the actor implements thespis::Handler for.

The mailbox implementation.

This is an address with similar functionality as Addr, but it does not keep the mailbox alive.


Type returned to you by the mailbox when it ends. Await the JoinHandle returned by the executor to retrieve this.

Errors that can happen in thespis_impl.


Default buffer size for bounded channel between Addr and Mailbox.


Interface for T: Sink + Clone

An extension trait for Sinks that provides a variety of convenient combinator functions.

Type Definitions

Shorthand for a Send boxed envelope.

Type of boxed channel receiver for Mailbox.

Type of boxed channel sender for Addr.

A boxed error type for the sink

Result which has a ThesErr as error type.