Crate textwrap_macros[][src]

Simple procedural macros to use textwrap utilities at compile time.

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Either use the macros using the old-style #[macro_use] or import them as any other crate member:

use textwrap_macros::dedent;

const poem: &str = dedent!(r#"
      When we two parted
      In silence and tears,
      Half broken-hearted
      To sever for years,
      Pale grew thy cheek and cold,
      Colder thy kiss;
      Truly that hour foretold
      Sorrow to this.

Checkout the documentation of the original library for more information about the behaviour of each of the wrapped functions.


This project adheres to Semantic Versioning and provides a changelog in the Keep a Changelog format.



Removes common leading whitespace from each line.


Fill a line of text at width characters.


Add prefix to each non-empty line.


Wrap a line of text at width characters.