pub fn merge<T: AsRef<str>>(
    edits1: &[(Range<usize>, T)],
    edits2: &[(Range<usize>, T)]
) -> Vec<(Range<usize>, String)>
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Merges two lists of textedits.

The two inputs must be individually non-overlapping and sorted. Ranges of individual edits in edits1 refer to positions in the original document, and ranges in edits2 refer to positions in the document after edits1 has been applied. Both inputs’ edits move the document from the before state to the after state without describing intermediate state. For a more detailed explanation of the required format, refer to the language server protocol specification.

Returns a vector of edits that, when applied to the original document, move it from the state before edits1 was applied to the state after edits2 was applied in one step.