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Utility to transliterate texts into ascii characters. This utility depends of the iconv utility installed in the SO. You want to have glibc with the correct locales installed.

For example. If you want to transliterate from german, you need to have install the "de_DE.UTF-8" locale in your SO.

You can do it with https://askubuntu.com/questions/76013/how-do-i-add-locale-to-ubuntu-server

Iconv uses the thread locale in order to decide transliteration table to use. Prefer to use TextTransliterateOffThread as it will isolate the side effects of the uselocale C function



Transliterates text in the same thread where it is called. Be aware this calls the unsafe ffi function uselocale from C. If you don't know if that is safe, preffer to use TextTransliterateOffThread instead


Transliterate from the chosen locale to ascii. This function will create another thread in order to isolate the locale set for iconv effects.