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Functions and types relating to vector math (provided by the vek crate).

vek is a Rust crate that provides vector math types that are well-documented and convenient to use. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Tetra re-exports the contents of that crate - both for its own internal use, and for you to use in your games.

Ideally, the documentation for vek would be reproduced here for your convienence. Unfortunately, rustdoc currently doesn’t handle re-exports very well, so this would probably be more confusing than helpful. Until those issues are fixed, you can find the documentation for vek by clicking the re-export link below.

Note that all of the important types in vek (such as Vec2 and Mat4) are re-exported at the top level - you don’t need to dig down into the submodules when importing things.


  • pub use vek::*;