Trait tet_libp2p_swarm::PollParameters[][src]

Parameters passed to poll(), that the NetworkBehaviour has access to.

Associated Types

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Required methods

fn supported_protocols(&self) -> Self::SupportedProtocolsIter[src]

Returns the list of protocol the behaviour supports when a remote negotiates a protocol on an inbound substream.

The iterator’s elements are the ASCII names as reported on the wire.

Note that the list is computed once at initialization and never refreshed.

fn listened_addresses(&self) -> Self::ListenedAddressesIter[src]

Returns the list of the addresses we’re listening on.

fn external_addresses(&self) -> Self::ExternalAddressesIter[src]

Returns the list of the addresses nodes can use to reach us.

fn local_peer_id(&self) -> &PeerId[src]

Returns the peer id of the local node.

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