Trait tet_libp2p_swarm::NetworkBehaviourEventProcess[][src]

pub trait NetworkBehaviourEventProcess<TEvent> {
    fn inject_event(&mut self, event: TEvent);

When deriving NetworkBehaviour this trait must by default be implemented for all the possible event types generated by the inner behaviours.

You can opt out of this behaviour through #[behaviour(event_process = false)]. See the documentation of NetworkBehaviour for details.

Required methods

fn inject_event(&mut self, event: TEvent)[src]

Called when one of the fields of the type you’re deriving NetworkBehaviour on generates an event.

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impl<TEvent, TBehaviour> NetworkBehaviourEventProcess<TEvent> for Toggle<TBehaviour> where
    TBehaviour: NetworkBehaviourEventProcess<TEvent>, 

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