Enum tet_libp2p_dns::DnsErr[][src]

pub enum DnsErr<TErr> {
    ResolveError {
        domain_name: String,
        error: Error,

Error that can be generated by the DNS layer.



Error in the underlying transport layer.


Failed to find any IP address for this DNS address.


Error while resolving a DNS address.

Fields of ResolveError

domain_name: Stringerror: Error

Found an IP address, but the underlying transport doesn’t support the multiaddr.

Trait Implementations

impl<TErr: Debug> Debug for DnsErr<TErr>[src]

impl<TErr> Display for DnsErr<TErr> where
    TErr: Display

impl<TErr> Error for DnsErr<TErr> where
    TErr: Error + 'static, 

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<TErr> !RefUnwindSafe for DnsErr<TErr>

impl<TErr> Send for DnsErr<TErr> where
    TErr: Send

impl<TErr> Sync for DnsErr<TErr> where
    TErr: Sync

impl<TErr> Unpin for DnsErr<TErr> where
    TErr: Unpin

impl<TErr> !UnwindSafe for DnsErr<TErr>

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