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test_case crate provides procedural macro attribute that generates parametrized test instances.

Getting Started

Crate has to be added as a dependency to Cargo.toml:

test-case = "2.2.2"

and imported to the scope of a block where it’s being called (since attribute name collides with rust’s built-in custom_test_frameworks) via:

use test_case::test_case;

Example usage:

mod tests {
    use test_case::test_case;

    #[test_case(-2, -4 ; "when both operands are negative")]
    #[test_case(2,  4  ; "when both operands are positive")]
    #[test_case(4,  2  ; "when operands are swapped")]
    fn multiplication_tests(x: i8, y: i8) {
        let actual = (x * y).abs();

        assert_eq!(8, actual)

Output from cargo test for this example:

$ cargo test

running 4 tests
test tests::multiplication_tests::when_both_operands_are_negative ... ok
test tests::multiplication_tests::when_both_operands_are_positive ... ok
test tests::multiplication_tests::when_operands_are_swapped ... ok

test result: ok. 4 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 0 filtered out


Most up to date documentation is available in our wiki.

Attribute Macros

Generates tests for given set of data
Generates tests for given set of data