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Termion is a pure Rust, bindless library for low-level handling, manipulating and reading information about terminals. This provides a full-featured alternative to Termbox.

Termion aims to be simple and yet expressive. It is bindless, meaning that it is not a front-end to some other library (e.g., ncurses or termbox), but a standalone library directly talking to the TTY.

Supports Redox, Mac OS X, and Linux (or, in general, ANSI terminals).

For more information refer to the README.


Clearing the screen.
Color managemement.
Cursor movement.
Mouse and key events.
User input.
Managing raw mode.
Managing switching between main and alternate screen buffers.
Text styling management.


An asynchronous reader.


Construct an asynchronous handle to the TTY standard input.
Get the TTY device.
Is this stream a TTY?
Get the size (columns, rows) of the terminal.
Get the size of the terminal in pixels.