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Tokio-enabled data store for triple data

This library implements a way to store triple data - data that consists of a subject, predicate and an object, where object can either be some value, or a node (a string that can appear both in subject and object position).

This library is intended as a common base for anyone who wishes to build a database containing triple data. It makes very few assumptions on what valid data is, only focusing on the actual storage aspect.

This library is tokio-enabled. Any i/o and locking happens through futures, and as a result, many of the functions in this library return futures. These futures are intended to run on a tokio runtime, and many of them will fail outside of one. If you do not wish to use tokio, there’s a small sync wrapper in store::sync which embeds its own tokio runtime, exposing a purely synchronous API.

Most users will probably only need to use the types and functions in the store module (or store::sync for the synchronous version). This module provides a high-level API which should be sufficient for creating and querying databases.

The structure, layer, and storage module expose the inner workings of terminus-store. They are useful for implementing new storage backends, or writing analysis and recovery tools.


pub use store::sync::open_sync_directory_store;
pub use store::sync::open_sync_memory_store;
pub use store::open_directory_store;
pub use store::open_memory_store;


Logic for working with layers.

Logic for dealing with various storage backends.

High-level API for working with terminus-store.

Data structures on which terminus-store is built.


A triple, stored as numerical ids.

A triple stored as strings.


The type of an object in a triple.


A layer containing dictionary entries and triples.