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This crate provides types for representing NUL-terminated UTF8 strings.

The NulTerminatedStr type is useful when interacting with C APIs that require/guarantee UTF8 encoding. Rust has great support for dealing with UTF8, but C strings require a NUL terminator which Rust's str and String don't have.

let s = ntstr!("Hello, World!");

// You can use Rust's normal string operations
assert_eq!(s.find("World"), Some(7));

// And pass it to C since it's NUL-terminated
let ptr = s.as_ptr();

CStr vs NulTerminatedStr

The standard library does provide the CStr type that is NUL-terminated, but it does not use any specific encoding. It's therefore insufficient if your input needs to be both NUL-terminated and UTF8 encoded.



Creates a static NulTerminatedStr from a string literal.



A valid UTF8 string terminated by NUL, the null character.



An error indicating that a string is not correctly NUL-terminated.