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JWT Watchflow

A godawful jwt implementation

version = "*"
features = ["HS256"]

Don’t use this

This library is slow, baldly implemented and took a total of 20 minutes to write and bug check.

You are much better off using another tried and tested JWT implementation:

Why does it exist? I got fed up with shitty API design around signing and verifying tokens.

  • This library has only two separate token types.
  • This library does not do any verification on a token payload.


This library has two token types:

  • A unsigned token with a given type (Token<T>)
  • A signed token (SignedToken)

Token algorithms are decided by a enum: TokenAlgorithm

Supported Algorithms

  • HS256
  • HS512


use serde::{Serialize, Deserialize};
use jwt_watchflow::{Token, TokenAlgorithm, SignedToken};

// Create a new token type.
// This uses serde's Serialize and Deserialize procedural macros.
#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug)]
struct MyToken {
    foo: u8,
    bar: bool,
    baz: String

// create a key to sign and verify tokens.
let token_key = b"VERY_SECURE_KEY".to_vec();

// create a new token, sign it, and get the string representation
let token = Token::create(
    MyToken { foo: 10, bar: true, baz: "Hello World".to_string() }

println!("{}", token);

// verify a token input
let payload = Token::<MyToken>::verify(token, &token_key).unwrap();

println!("{:?}", payload);


Signed JWT Token

Unsigned JWT Token

JWT Token Header


Token Signing and Verifying Algorithm

JWT Error