[][src]Function tempfile::tempfile_in

pub fn tempfile_in<P: AsRef<Path>>(dir: P) -> Result<File>

Create a new temporary file in the specified directory.


This variant is secure/reliable in the presence of a pathological temporary file cleaner. If the temporary file isn't created in std::env::temp_dir() then temporary file cleaners aren't an issue.

Resource Leaking

The temporary file will be automatically removed by the OS when the last handle to it is closed. This doesn't rely on Rust destructors being run, so will (almost) never fail to clean up the temporary file.


If the file can not be created, Err is returned.


use tempfile::tempfile_in;
use std::io::{self, Write};

// Create a file inside of the current working directory
let mut file = tempfile_in("./")?;

writeln!(file, "Brian was here. Briefly.")?;