pub trait Executor<P>: Send + 'static where
    P: Processor
{ fn run<'life0, 'async_trait>(
        &'life0 mut self,
        receiver: UnboundedReceiver<P::Command>
    ) -> Pin<Box<dyn Future<Output = Result<(), P::Error>> + Send + 'async_trait>>
        'life0: 'async_trait,
        Self: 'async_trait
; fn spawn(self) -> Handle<P>
        Self: Sized
, { ... } }
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Internal data of a task running and handling incomming crate::Command for a crate::Processor.

Required Methods

Returns if all crate::Remote and the crate::Handle have been dropped.

Provided Methods

Creates a tokio task in which an crate::Executor listen for incoming crate::Command.