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A simple, pluggable interface for HTTP GETs and range requests.

At the moment, there are three backends that might be available:

  1. A “null” backend that is always available, but does nothing and always fails.
  2. A backend based on reqwest.
  3. A backend based on curl.

The actual backend availability is determined at build time using Cargo features. See the crate README for information about the features and how they interact.

The default backend is intentionally exposed as a concrete type, so that crates relying on this one need not use a lot of dyns and impl Traits. It is intended that the choice of HTTP backend is a build-time one, not a runtime one.


pub use crate::reqwest::ReqwestBackend as DefaultBackend;


A geturl backend that always fails.

A URL-get backend based on the reqwest crate.


A trait for simple HTTP operations needed by the Tectonic backends.

A trait for reading byte ranges from an HTTP resource.

Type Definitions

The range-reader type exposed by the default URL-get backend (for convenience).