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The XeTeX program as a reusable crate.

This crate provides the core TeX engine implementation used by Tectonic. However, in order to obtain the full Tectonic user experience, it must be combined with a variety of other utilities: the xdvipdfmx engine, code to fetch support files, and so on. Rather than using this crate directly you should probably use the main tectonic crate, which combines all of these pieces into a (semi) coherent whole.


A struct for invoking the (Xe)TeX engine.


A possible outcome from a (Xe)TeX engine invocation.


A serial number describing the detailed binary layout of the TeX “format files” used by this crate. This number will occasionally increment, indicating that the format file structure has changed. There is no provision for partial forwards or backwards compatibility: if the number changes, you need to regenerate your format files. If you’re generating format files, you should munge this serial number in the filename, or something along those lines, to make sure that when the engine is updated you don’t attempt to reuse old files.