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Quick and dirty way to trace code execution and count associated hits.


You’re debugging a piece of code and you want to determine if a piece of code is hit, and if so, how many times it is hit.

tdbg provides the tdbg! macro to associate an identifier to a code location. Using the macro will send a message to the tdbg server (standalone binary), that will report every hit and the associated number of time it has been hit.

Simply fire up the server, insert tdbg! macros and you’re done.


  • tdbg tries to interrupt the original workflow as less as possible
  • tdbg should never panic in order to not disrupt the origin code
  • tdbg tries to stay as minimal and portable as possible
  • This is not really production ready. Use it at your own risk. Keep in mind that it is a tool I personally use and I do not expect anyone else to do as well.


Macro that will send the message to the tdbg server.


Send the message to the tdbg server.