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Library for encoding Rust program data into a binary stream, and decoding that stream.


let expected = ("one".to_string(), 2.0, vec![3, 4], Bytes::from(vec![5u8]));
let stream = tbon::en::encode(&expected).unwrap();
let actual = block_on(tbon::de::try_decode((), stream)).unwrap();
assert_eq!(expected, actual);

Important note: TBON adds one byte to primitive values to record the value’s type. In cases where TBON must encode a large number of values of the same type, such as an n-dimensional array of numbers, this adds 12-50% overhead to the size of the encoded data. However, encoding a Bytes struct has a negligible overhead of only two bytes, regardless of the data size.

To efficiently encode an n-dimensional array, it is recommended to use compression (e.g. gzip) and/or implement destream::FromStream and destream::ToStream using Bytes.



Decode a Rust data structure from a TBON-encoded stream.


Encode a Rust data structure into a TBON stream.