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Available on crate feature updater only.
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The Tauri updater.

The updater is focused on making Tauri’s application updates as safe and transparent as updates to a website.

For a full guide on setting up the updater, see

Check UpdateBuilder to see how to manually trigger and customize the updater at runtime.


To listen to the updater events, for example to check for error messages, you need to use RunEvent::Updater in App::run.

let app = tauri::Builder::default()
  // on an actual app, remove the string argument
  .expect("error while building tauri application");|_app_handle, event| match event {
  tauri::RunEvent::Updater(updater_event) => {
    match updater_event {
      tauri::UpdaterEvent::UpdateAvailable { body, date, version } => {
        println!("update available {} {:?} {}", body, date, version);
      // Emitted when the download is about to be started.
      tauri::UpdaterEvent::Pending => {
        println!("update is pending!");
      tauri::UpdaterEvent::DownloadProgress { chunk_length, content_length } => {
        println!("downloaded {} of {:?}", chunk_length, content_length);
      // Emitted when the download has finished and the update is about to be installed.
      tauri::UpdaterEvent::Downloaded => {
        println!("update has been downloaded!");
      // Emitted when the update was installed. You can then ask to restart the app.
      tauri::UpdaterEvent::Updated => {
        println!("app has been updated");
      // Emitted when the app already has the latest version installed and an update is not needed.
      tauri::UpdaterEvent::AlreadyUpToDate => {
        println!("app is already up to date");
      // Emitted when there is an error with the updater. We suggest to listen to this event even if the default dialog is enabled.
      tauri::UpdaterEvent::Error(error) => {
        println!("failed to update: {}", error);
      _ => (),
  _ => {}



  • All errors that can occur while running the updater.



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