[][src]Macro tao_log::fatal

macro_rules! fatal {
    (target: $target:expr, $($arg:tt)+) => { ... };
    ($($arg:tt)+) => { ... };

Log a message at the error level, flush the logger, and then use the same message to panic.

This will duplicate the message, once via the registered logger, then again via stderr for the panic (default handler). Since this is a fatal and presumably serious condition, potential duplication is of less concern than the risk of missing the message. This will always panic!, even if no logger is configured, or if error level messages aren't logged.


use tao_log::fatal;

fatal!("shields compromised, core breach in {:?}!", td);
// ^1 -- error level message: shields compromised, core breach in 100ms!
// ^2 -- panic:               shields compromised, core breach in 100ms!