[][src]Struct tantivy::IndexReaderBuilder

pub struct IndexReaderBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }

IndexReader builder

It makes it possible to set the following values.

  • num_searchers (by default, the number of detected CPU threads):

    When num_searchers queries are requested at the same time, the num_searchers will block until the one of the searcher in-use gets released.

  • reload_policy (by default ReloadPolicy::OnCommit):

    See ReloadPolicy for more details.


impl IndexReaderBuilder[src]

pub fn try_into(self) -> Result<IndexReader>[src]

Builds the reader.

Building the reader is a non-trivial operation that requires to open different segment readers. It may take hundreds of milliseconds of time and it may return an error. TODO(pmasurel) Use the TryInto trait once it is available in stable.

pub fn reload_policy(self, reload_policy: ReloadPolicy) -> IndexReaderBuilder[src]

Sets the reload_policy.

See ReloadPolicy for more details.

pub fn num_searchers(self, num_searchers: usize) -> IndexReaderBuilder[src]

Sets the number of Searcher in the searcher pool.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for IndexReaderBuilder[src]

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