[][src]Struct tantivy::IndexReader

pub struct IndexReader { /* fields omitted */ }

IndexReader is your entry point to read and search the index.

It controls when a new version of the index should be loaded and lends you instances of Searcher for the last loaded version.

Clone does not clone the different pool of searcher. IndexReader just wraps and Arc.


impl IndexReader[src]

pub fn reload(&self) -> Result<()>[src]

Update searchers so that they reflect the state of the last .commit().

If you set up the OnCommit ReloadPolicy (which is the default) every commit should be rapidly reflected on your IndexReader and you should not need to call reload() at all.

This automatic reload can take 10s of milliseconds to kick in however, and in unit tests it can be nice to deterministically force the reload of searchers.

pub fn searcher(&self) -> LeasedItem<Searcher>[src]

Returns a searcher

This method should be called every single time a search query is performed. The searchers are taken from a pool of num_searchers searchers. If no searcher is available this may block.

The same searcher must be used for a given query, as it ensures the use of a consistent segment set.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for IndexReader[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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