[][src]Struct tantivy::query::TermQuery

pub struct TermQuery { /* fields omitted */ }

A Term query matches all of the documents containing a specific term.

The score associated is defined as idf * sqrt(term_freq / field norm) in which :

  • idf - inverse document frequency.
  • term_freq - number of occurrences of the term in the field
  • field norm - number of tokens in the field.
extern crate tantivy;
use tantivy::schema::{Schema, TEXT, IndexRecordOption};
use tantivy::{Index, Result, Term};
use tantivy::collector::{Count, TopDocs};
use tantivy::query::TermQuery;

fn example() -> Result<()> {
    let mut schema_builder = Schema::builder();
    let title = schema_builder.add_text_field("title", TEXT);
    let schema = schema_builder.build();
    let index = Index::create_in_ram(schema);
        let mut index_writer = index.writer(3_000_000)?;
            title => "The Name of the Wind",
            title => "The Diary of Muadib",
            title => "A Dairy Cow",
            title => "The Diary of a Young Girl",
    let reader = index.reader()?;
    let searcher = reader.searcher();

    let query = TermQuery::new(
        Term::from_field_text(title, "diary"),
    let (top_docs, count) = searcher.search(&query, &(TopDocs::with_limit(2), Count)).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(count, 2);



impl TermQuery[src]

pub fn new(term: Term, segment_postings_options: IndexRecordOption) -> TermQuery[src]

Creates a new term query.

pub fn term(&self) -> &Term[src]

The Term this query is built out of.

pub fn specialized_weight(
    searcher: &Searcher,
    scoring_enabled: bool
) -> TermWeight

Returns a weight object.

While .weight(...) returns a boxed trait object, this method return a specific implementation. This is useful for optimization purpose.

Trait Implementations

impl Query for TermQuery[src]

impl Clone for TermQuery[src]

impl Debug for TermQuery[src]

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