[][src]Macro tantivy::doc

macro_rules! doc {
    () => { ... };
    ($($field:expr => $value:expr),*) => { ... };
    ($($field:expr => $value:expr),+ ,) => { ... };

doc! is a shortcut that helps building Document objects.

Assuming that field1 and field2 are Field instances. You can create a document with a value of value1 for field1 value2 for field2, as follows :

    field1 => value1,
    field2 => value2,

The value can be a u64, a &str, a i64, or a String.


The document hence created, is not yet validated against a schema. Nothing prevents its user from creating an invalid document missing a field, or associating a String to a u64 field for instance.


extern crate tantivy;

use tantivy::schema::{Schema, TEXT, FAST};


let mut schema_builder = Schema::builder();
let title = schema_builder.add_text_field("title", TEXT);
let author = schema_builder.add_text_field("text", TEXT);
let likes = schema_builder.add_u64_field("num_u64", FAST);
let schema = schema_builder.build();
let doc = doc!(
	title => "Life Aquatic",
	author => "Wes Anderson",
	likes => 4u64