[][src]Struct tantivy::fastfield::FastFieldNotAvailableError

pub struct FastFieldNotAvailableError { /* fields omitted */ }

FastFieldNotAvailableError is returned when the user requested for a fast field reader, and the field was not defined in the schema as a fast field.


impl FastFieldNotAvailableError[src]

pub fn new(field_entry: &FieldEntry) -> FastFieldNotAvailableError[src]

Creates a FastFieldNotAvailable error. field_entry is the configuration of the field for which fast fields are not available.

Trait Implementations

impl From<FastFieldNotAvailableError> for TantivyError[src]

impl Display for FastFieldNotAvailableError[src]

impl Debug for FastFieldNotAvailableError[src]

impl Fail for FastFieldNotAvailableError[src]

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