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HTTP client for the Tandem SMPC engine.

This crate provides an HTTP client acting as the evaluator and running the Tandem Multi-Party Computation engine. An HTTP server is expected to act as the contributor.

This crate provides a CLI client, as well as functions targeting WebAssembly to provide an easy integration of the Tandem engine with JavaScript.

This crate additionally includes an interactive notebook (provided by index.html) to run and test Garble programs during development.


Stores data (either inputs or output) in an Tandem-compatible format.
An MPC program that was type-checked and can be executed by the Tandem engine.


Errors occurring during the validation or the execution of the MPC protocol.
A subset of [crate::ast::Expr] that is used as input / output by an [crate::eval::Evaluator].
An error that occurred during validation, before the MPC execution.
A variant literal (either of unit type or containing fields), used by Literal::Enum.


Computes the specified program using Multi-Party Computation, keeping the input private.