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This crate defines APDUs and related functions to talk to the OpenPGP applet on a smartcard.

Right now it is in the inital stage of the development.


Module apdus helps to create new APDUs. We have many create_* functions to help to create predefined APDU structs.
Module Errors for the talktosc project
Module to parse the response and makes sense of them.
This module implements ISO7816 TLV format.


Creates a new connection to the card attached to the first reader and returns the connection, or the related error.
Disconnects the card via Disposition::LeaveCard
Helper function to send the APDU and returns the a Result<Response, errors::TalktoSCError>.
Sends the given APDU (if required in chained way) to the card and returns the response as a vector of u8.