[][src]Crate talkers

This crate contains the mechanics for building a simple TCP chat with support for multiple connections at once. Messages with length of up to 1048576 octets are supported, as well as much larger file transfers. Integrity checking is embedded into talkers. Included is a sample high-latency chat application (the talkers chat program) that supports proxying over SOCKS5 (e.g. to use Tor onion services).

A "message" is any valid UTF-8 string (of up to 1048576 octets); a "file" is any string of octets. talkers allows customization using closures or function pointers that are invoked when certain events occur.

This library is in an early stage and very much a work in progress. There might be major breaking changes as well as missing features and bugs. All contributions and forks are appreciated.



This struct contains the connection to one talkers peer. It must be constructed with Talker::new(s), but the callbacks in the public fields can be set directly.