[][src]Crate tablefy

use tablefy_derive::Tablefy;
use tablefy::Tablefy;
// This struct now implements the tablefy trait
pub struct Basic {
    #[header(name = "Hmm... Nice Header")]
    pub something: String,
    #[header(name = "We Have Here!")]
    pub otherthing: i16,
    #[header(name = "Don't You Agree?")]
    pub newthing: i8,
    pub maybe: Option<String>
fn main() {
    // Creating a vector of structs...
    let basic = vec![Basic {
        something: String::from("a"),
        otherthing: 2,
        newthing: 3,
        maybe: None
    }, Basic {
        something: String::from("b"),
        otherthing: 3,
        newthing: 4,
        maybe: Some(String::from("x"))
    }, Basic {
        something: String::from("c"),
        otherthing: 5,
        newthing: 8,
        maybe: None
    // Turning them into a Table struct...
    let table = tablefy::into_table(&basic);
    // Or if you just want the string...
    println!("{}", tablefy::into_string(&basic));
| Hmm... Nice Header | We Have Here! | Don't You Agree? | maybe |
| a                  | 2             | 3                |       |
| b                  | 3             | 4                | x     |
| c                  | 5             | 8                |       |

This crate serves as an extension of prettytable by specifying a Tablefy trait in order to turn any struct (whose members implement Display) to turn into a Table object.

As a result, this means that prettytable is a dependency. You won't be able to use this crate without also adding prettytable.

If you'd like to get the full functionality of this crate (with proc_macros), be sure to check out tablefy_derive!.

Future updates

Currently there are two major improvements I have in mind for this crate.

  • ~~Fields can be tagged to customize the header name.~~
    • This has now been implemented! Be sure to update tablefy_derive.
  • Fields can be tagged to print using {:?} and {:#?} instead of {}



The main trait of the library. Has two main functions with which a table can be constructed.



Function that turns a vector of Tablefy implementations into a formatted string.


Function that turns a vector of Tablefy implementations into a full Table.