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This library allows you to easily go from words to port numbers and back again.

For example, let's say you want to have a Rust related web application and you need a port number for your server. Looking at the number pad of your phone and figuring out the right buttons to press to get rust is hard work. Instead you could use this crate and the following code:

let digits = pad::digits_for("rust");
let output = digits.to_string();
assert_eq!(output, String::from("7878"));

If you, like me, tend to forget which word you used to come up with a port number, this crate has got your back. You just need to create a tree full of candidate words and call words_at:

let digits = pad::digits_for("7878`");
let words = tree.words_at(digits);



Converts from a word to keypad digits


Allows for reverse lookup of ports with T9 predictive text