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A Syn Attribute Parser Toolkit

Synattra extends Syn and provides structures to easily parse custom attributes.

Notably, Synattra provides a KVOption<K, V> type that allows parsing attributes in the form key = value where key can be any token or custom keyword (including Rust keywords!) and value any type that can be parsed from a TokenStream. Synattra was extracted from the Metered project, please check it for actual usage.

Synattra also supports single or multiple values, that can take the shape of Foo or [Foo, Bar].

Finally Synattra provides some extra types, such as InvokePath which represents any invocation handle, macro or not (e.g foo or println!).

By reusing Syn's design, Synattra parsers are very robust and when they compile, they usually work :-).



Parseable types provided by Synattra



A trait to parse attributes


An extension trait for syn's ParseStream